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FISControl Plugin - Centrafuse 4.x / 3.x (0 Downloads)

The FISControl plugin for the CarPC Software Centrafuse allows you to display information at the instruments cluster driver information system (DIS) of Audi and VW.



A FIS-Control Module by ZZOTTEL needs to be connected to the CarPC using a serial cable.
For a list of compatible instrument clusters refer to the list on that website.

A firmware not older than the 2012-04-28 is required to let it work.
To enable the centrafuse you mode you need to push the Set-Button on startup.



The current build of the FISControl plugin has the following features:

  • Display artist and titel in the two top lines of the DIS
  • Alternating scrolling of the text
  • Displays the "result" within the plugin
  • Automatic connection on systemstart
  • Compatibility with all mediaplugins


Further information:

A detailed description of my connection between the navigationsoftware Sygic (on the CarPC) with the VW FIS/DIS can be found here: FIS Navigationarrows - Part 3 (only in german). The link points to part 3 of the description (with the endresults). For the complete description also check part 1 and 2.


  • 0.5.0
    • First Release