Create a virtual Button Box for Microsoft Flight Simulator

This page explains the Button Box Feature with Details for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

For other Games, refer to the following help page: How to create a virtual Button Box to
control all Games on your PC

A Button Box in SIM Dashboard allows you to interact with your Game (e.g. Microsoft Flight Simulator). Either directly via SimConnect Commands or by simulating keystrokes on your PC when you click on a virtual button on your Android device

What you can do with a Button Box for Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Lights
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Heatings
  • Master Switches
  • Nav Frequencies
  • ...
You can basically do everything which can be triggered in the game, from your Android device

1. Prerequisites

2. Pairing with the PC

Make sure that your Android Device is on the same network like your PC and then Pair the Android Device with your PC

3. Select MS Flight Simulator in the SIM Dashboard App

Click on the Hamburger Menu Button in the upper left edge of the screen.

Select MS Flight Simulator from the list of supported Games click on it's Name

4. Edit Mode

Click on the Pen Icon to enter the Edit Mode

Then click on the (+) Icon

and finally on Add widget/design

5. Add Button Box Widget

Click on Create new layout Create new Design (Please note: The screen looks a little bit different now)

If you don't see this Message Box, you already have a Widget on this screen, so you can just continue

Click on Button Box entry on the left side and chosse a Button from the right side afterwards (in this example I have choosen the Round Button)

6. Customize the Button Box Widget

The Customize Screen of the Widget opens, where you can change the Settings of the Button.

7. Select the Command that the Button should execute

In this example we like to toggle the Autopilot On and Off

  • Activate the Option Send a SimConnect Command
  • Enter AP_MASTER into the SimConnect Name
  • The SimConnect Param stays blank.

For the list of available Commands scroll down to the end of this help page to the List of SimConnect Commands

Now close the Dialog with a click on OK.

In the Editor click on the checkmark icon to save your Design.

8. Testing the Button

Tap on your button and see how the Airplane in the Game reacts.


The Game does not recognize the key

Try some other Commands, if they work, the connection to the PC Application is ok and the game has just no implementation for this Command on the selected Airplane.

No Button is simulated on my PC

Solution: Re-Pair the Android Device with your PC, because the Ip Address of your PC may have changed, so the App is sending the Command to the wrong Ip. Make sure that the SIM Dashboard PC Application is allowed in the Firewall

9. List of available SimConnect Commands

Copy the desired SimConnect Name from the List to the SimConnect Option of your Button in the App as described in Step 7

Additional Sim Dashboard SimConnect Commands

These additional commands extend the list of SimConnect Commands from the Game

SimConnect Name Description
SIMDB_TOGGLE_NAV12Switches the active Nav Frequency between Nav1 and Nav2
SIMDB_SWAP_NAV_FREQUENCYSwaps the active and standby Frequency of the current selected Nav Frequency
SIMDB_NAV_WHOLE_INCIncrements the currently selected Nav Frequency by one MHz
SIMDB_NAV_WHOLE_DECDecrements the currently selected Nav Frequency by one MHz
SIMDB_NAV_FRACT_INCIncrements the currently selected Nav Frequency by 25 KHz
SIMDB_NAV_FRACT_DECDecrements the currently selected Nav Frequency by 25 KHz
SIMDB_TOGGLE_COM12Switches the active Com Frequency between Com1 and Com2
SIMDB_SWAP_COM_FREQUENCYSwaps the active and standby Frequency of the current selected Com Frequency
SIMDB_COM_WHOLE_INCIncrements the currently selected Com Frequency by one MHz
SIMDB_COM_WHOLE_DECDecrements the currently selected Com Frequency by one MHz
SIMDB_COM_FRACT_INCIncrements the currently selected Com Frequency by 25 KHz
SIMDB_COM_FRACT_DECDecrements the currently selected Com Frequency by 25 KHz
SIMDB_VOR_INCIncrements the currently selected VOR OBS setting
SIMDB_VOR_DECDecrements the currently selected VOR OBS setting

SimConnect Commands supported by the Game

Not all events apply to all aircraft and all situations. Events that require an argument have ranges or suggestions listed in parenthesis in the Description column.

SimConnect Name Description
SLING_PICKUP_RELEASEToggle between pickup and release mode. Hold mode is automatic and cannot be selected. Refer to the document Notes on Aircraft Systems.
HOIST_SWITCH_EXTENDThe rate at which a hoist cable extends is set in the Aircraft Configuration File.
HOIST_SWITCH_RETRACTThe rate at which a hoist cable retracts is set in the Aircraft Configuration File.
HOIST_SWITCH_SETThe data value should be set to one of:<0 up=0 off>0 down
HOIST_DEPLOY_TOGGLEToggles the hoist arm switch, extend or retract.
HOIST_DEPLOY_SETThe data value should be set to:0 - set hoist switch to retract the arm1 - set hoist switch to extend the arm
ANTIDETONATION_TANK_VALVE_TOGGLEToggle the antidetonation valve. Pass a value to determine which tank, if there are multiple tanks, to use. Tanks are indexed from 1. Refer to the document Notes on Aircraft Systems.
NITROUS_TANK_VALVE_TOGGLEToggle the nitrous valve. Pass a value to determine which tank, if there are multiple tanks, to use. Tanks are indexed from 1.
TAKEOFF_ASSIST_ARM_TOGGLEDeploy or remove the assist arm. Refer to the document Notes on Aircraft Systems.
TAKEOFF_ASSIST_ARM_SETValue:TRUE request setFALSE request unset
TAKEOFF_ASSIST_FIREIf everything is set up correctly. Launch from the catapult.
TOGGLE_LAUNCH_BAR_SWITCHToggle the request for the launch bar to be installed or removed.
SET_LAUNCH_BAR_SWITCHValue:TRUE request setFALSE request unset
REPAIR_AND_REFUELFully repair and refuel the user aircraft. Ignored if flight realism is enforced.
DME_SELECTSelects one of the two DME systems (1,2).
FUEL_DUMP_TOGGLETurns on or off the fuel dump switch.
VIEW_COCKPIT_FORWARDSwitch immediately to the forward view, in 2D mode.
VIEW_VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_FORWARDSwitch immediately to the forward view, in virtual cockpit mode.
TOW_PLANE_RELEASERelease a towed aircraft, usually a glider.
TOW_PLANE_REQUESTRequest a tow plane. The user aircraft must be tow-able, stationary, on the ground and not already attached for this to succeed.
REQUEST_FUEL_KEYRequest a fuel truck. The aircraft must be in a parking spot for this to be successful.
RELEASE_DROPPABLE_OBJECTSRelease one droppable object. Multiple key events will release multiple objects.
VIEW_PANEL_ALPHA_SETSets the alpha-blending value for the panel. Takes a parameter in the range 0 to 255. The alpha-blending can be changed from the keyboard using Ctrl-Shift-T, and the plus and minus keys.
VIEW_PANEL_ALPHA_SELECTSets the mode to change the alpha-blending, so the keys KEY_PLUS and KEY_MINUS increment and decrement the value.
VIEW_PANEL_ALPHA_INCIncrement alpha-blending for the panel.
VIEW_PANEL_ALPHA_DECDecrement alpha-blending for the panel.
VIEW_LINKING_SETLinks all the views from one camera together, so that panning the view will change the view of all the linked cameras.
VIEW_LINKING_TOGGLETurns view linking on or off.
RADIO_SELECTED_DME_IDENT_ENABLETurns on the identification sound for the selected DME.
RADIO_SELECTED_DME_IDENT_DISABLETurns off the identification sound for the selected DME.
RADIO_SELECTED_DME_IDENT_SETSets the DME identification sound to the given filename.
RADIO_SELECTED_DME_IDENT_TOGGLETurns on or off the identification sound for the selected DME.
GAUGE_KEYSTROKEEnables a keystroke to be sent to a gauge that is in focus. The keystrokes can only be in the range 0 to 9, A to Z, and the four keys: plus, minus, comma and period. This is typically used to allow some keyboard entry to a complex device such as a GPS to enter such things as ICAO codes using the keyboard, rather than turning dials.
TOGGLE_VARIOMETER_SWITCHTurn the variometer on or off.
TOGGLE_TURN_INDICATOR_SWITCHTurn the turn indicator on or off.
VIEW_WINDOW_TITLES_TOGGLETurn window titles on or off.
AXIS_PAN_PITCHSets the pitch of the axis. Requires an angle.
AXIS_PAN_HEADINGSets the heading of the axis. Requires an angle.
AXIS_PAN_TILTSets the tilt of the axis. Requires an angle.
VIEW_AXIS_INDICATOR_CYCLEStep through the view axes.
VIEW_MAP_ORIENTATION_CYCLEStep through the map orientations.
TOGGLE_JETWAYRequests a jetway, which will only be answered if the aircraft is at a parking spot.
RETRACT_FLOAT_SWITCH_DECIf the plane has retractable floats, moves the retract position from Extend to Neutral, or Neutral to Retract.
RETRACT_FLOAT_SWITCH_INCIf the plane has retractable floats, moves the retract position from Retract to Neutral, or Neutral to Extend.
TOGGLE_WATER_BALLAST_VALVETurn the water ballast valve on or off.
VIEW_CHASE_DISTANCE_ADDIncrements the distance of the view camera from the chase object (such as in Spot Plane view, or viewing an AI controlled aircraft).
VIEW_CHASE_DISTANCE_SUBDecrements the distance of the view camera from the chase object.
APU_STARTERStart up the auxiliary power unit (APU).
APU_GENERATOR_SWITCH_TOGGLETurn the auxiliary generator on or off.
APU_GENERATOR_SWITCH_SETSet the auxiliary generator switch (0,1).
EXTINGUISH_ENGINE_FIRETakes a two digit argument.  The first digit represents the fire extinguisher index, and the second represents the engine index.  For example,  11 would represent using bottle 1 on engine 1.  21 would represent using bottle 2 on engine 1.  Typical entries for a twin engine aircraft would be 11 and 22.
AP_MAX_BANK_INCAutopilot max bank angle increment.
AP_MAX_BANK_DECAutopilot max bank angle decrement.
AP_N1_HOLDAutopilot, hold the N1 percentage at its current level.
AP_N1_REF_INCIncrement the autopilot N1 reference.
AP_N1_REF_DECDecrement the autopilot N1 reference.
AP_N1_REF_SETSets the autopilot N1 reference.
HYDRAULIC_SWITCH_TOGGLETurn the hydraulic switch on or off.
BLEED_AIR_SOURCE_CONTROL_INCIncreases the bleed air source control.
BLEED_AIR_SOURCE_CONTROL_DECDecreases the bleed air source control.
TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_TOGGLETurn the turbine ignition switch on or off.
CABIN_NO_SMOKING_ALERT_SWITCH_TOGGLETurn the 'No smoking' alert on or off.
CABIN_SEATBELTS_ALERT_SWITCH_TOGGLETurn the 'Fasten seatbelts' alert on or off.
ANTISKID_BRAKES_TOGGLETurn the anti-skid braking system on or off.
GPWS_SWITCH_TOGGLETurn the g round proximity warning system (GPWS) on or off.
VIDEO_RECORD_TOGGLETurn on or off the video recording feature. This records uncompressed AVI format files to:My DocumentsMy Videos
TOGGLE_AIRPORT_NAME_DISPLAYTurn on or off the airport name.
CAPTURE_SCREENSHOTCapture the current view as a screenshot. Which will be saved to a bmp file in:My DocumentsMy Pictures
MOUSE_LOOK_TOGGLESwitch Mouse Look mode on or off. Mouse Look mode enables a user to control their view using the mouse, and holding down the space bar.
YAXIS_INVERT_TOGGLESwitch inversion of Y axis controls on or off.
AUTORUDDER_TOGGLETurn the automatic rudder control feature on or off.
FLY_BY_WIRE_ELAC_TOGGLETurn on or off the fly by wire Elevators and Ailerons computer.
FLY_BY_WIRE_FAC_TOGGLETurn on or off the fly by wire Flight Augmentation computer.
FLY_BY_WIRE_SEC_TOGGLETurn on or off the fly by wire Spoilers and Elevators computer.
MANUAL_FUEL_PRESSURE_PUMPActivate the manual fuel pressure pump.
STEERING_INCIncrements the nose wheel steering position by 5 percent.
STEERING_DECDecrements the nose wheel steering position by 5 percent.
STEERING_SETSets the value of the nose wheel steering position. Zero is straight ahead (-16383, far left +16383, far right).
FREEZE_LATITUDE_LONGITUDE_TOGGLETurns the freezing of the lat/lon position of the aircraft (either user or AI controlled) on or off. If this key event is set, it means that the latitude and longitude of the aircraft are not being controlled by ESP, so enabling, for example, a SimConnect client to control the position of the aircraft. This can also apply to altitude and attitude. Refer to the simulation variables:IS LATITUDE LONGITUDE FREEZE ON,IS ALTITUDE FREEZE ON, andIS ATTITUDE FREEZE ONRefer also to the SimConnect_AIReleaseControl function.
FREEZE_LATITUDE_LONGITUDE_SETFreezes the lat/lon position of the aircraft.
FREEZE_ALTITUDE_TOGGLETurns the freezing of the altitude of the aircraft on or off.
FREEZE_ALTITUDE_SETFreezes the altitude of the aircraft..
FREEZE_ATTITUDE_TOGGLETurns the freezing of the attitude (pitch, bank and heading) of the aircraft on or off.
FREEZE_ATTITUDE_SETFreezes the attitude (pitch, bank and heading) of the aircraft.
PRESSURIZATION_CLIMB_RATE_INCSets the rate at which cabin pressurization is increased.
PRESSURIZATION_CLIMB_RATE_DECSets the rate at which cabin pressurization is decreased.
PRESSURIZATION_PRESSURE_DUMP_SWTICHSets the cabin pressure to the outside air pressure.
FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT_MAINSets the fuel selector. Fuel will be taken in the order left tip, left aux, then main fuel tanks.
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFT_MAINSets the fuel selector for engine 2.
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_LEFT_MAINSets the fuel selector for engine 3.
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_LEFT_MAINSets the fuel selector for engine 4.
FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT_MAINSets the fuel selector. Fuel will be taken in the order right tip, right aux, then main fuel tanks.
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_RIGHT_MAINSets the fuel selector for engine 2.
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_RIGHT_MAINSets the fuel selector for engine 3.
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_RIGHT_MAINSets the fuel selector for engine 4.
POINT_OF_INTEREST_TOGGLE_POINTERTurn the point-of-interest indicator (often a light beam) on or off. Refer to the Missions system documentation.
POINT_OF_INTEREST_CYCLE_PREVIOUSChange the current point-of-interest to the previous point-of-interest.
POINT_OF_INTEREST_CYCLE_NEXTChange the current point-of-interest to the next point-of-interest.
G1000_PFD_FLIGHTPLAN_BUTTONThe primary flight display (PFD) should display its current flight plan.
G1000_PFD_PROCEDURE_BUTTONTurn to the Procedure page.
G1000_PFD_ZOOMIN_BUTTONZoom in on the current map.
G1000_PFD_ZOOMOUT_BUTTONZoom out on the current map.
G1000_PFD_DIRECTTO_BUTTONTurn to the Direct To page.
G1000_PFD_MENU_BUTTONIf a segmented flight plan is highlighted, activates the associated menu.
G1000_PFD_CLEAR_BUTTONClears the current input.
G1000_PFD_ENTER_BUTTONEnters the current input.
G1000_PFD_CURSOR_BUTTONTurns on or off a screen cursor.
G1000_PFD_GROUP_KNOB_INCStep up through the page groups.
G1000_PFD_GROUP_KNOB_DECStep down through the page groups.
G1000_PFD_PAGE_KNOB_INCStep up through the individual pages.
G1000_PFD_PAGE_KNOB_DECStep down through the individual pages.
G1000_MFD_FLIGHTPLAN_BUTTONThe multifunction display (MFD) should display its current flight plan.
G1000_MFD_PROCEDURE_BUTTONTurn to the Procedure page.
G1000_MFD_ZOOMIN_BUTTONZoom in on the current map.
G1000_MFD_ZOOMOUT_BUTTONZoom out on the current map.
G1000_MFD_DIRECTTO_BUTTONTurn to the Direct To page.
G1000_MFD_MENU_BUTTONIf a segmented flight plan is highlighted, activates the associated menu.
G1000_MFD_CLEAR_BUTTONClears the current input.
G1000_MFD_ENTER_BUTTONEnters the current input.
G1000_MFD_CURSOR_BUTTONTurns on or off a screen cursor.
G1000_MFD_GROUP_KNOB_INCStep up through the page groups.
G1000_MFD_GROUP_KNOB_DECStep down through the page groups.
G1000_MFD_PAGE_KNOB_INCStep up through the individual pages.
G1000_MFD_PAGE_KNOB_DECStep down through the individual pages.
THROTTLE_FULLSet throttles max
THROTTLE_INCRIncrement throttles
THROTTLE_INCR_SMALLIncrement throttles small
THROTTLE_DECRDecrement throttles
THROTTLE_DECR_SMALLDecrease throttles small
THROTTLE_CUTSet throttles to idle
INCREASE_THROTTLEIncrement throttles
DECREASE_THROTTLEDecrement throttles
THROTTLE_SETSet throttles exactly (0- 16383)
AXIS_THROTTLE_SETSet throttles (0- 16383)
THROTTLE1_SETSet throttle 1 exactly (0 to 16383)
THROTTLE2_SETSet throttle 2 exactly (0 to 16383)
THROTTLE3_SETSet throttle 3 exactly (0 to 16383)
THROTTLE4_SETSet throttle 4 exactly (0 to 16383)
THROTTLE1_FULLSet throttle 1 max
THROTTLE1_INCRIncrement throttle 1
THROTTLE1_INCR_SMALLIncrement throttle 1 small
THROTTLE1_DECRDecrement throttle 1
THROTTLE1_CUTSet throttle 1 to idle
THROTTLE2_FULLSet throttle 2 max
THROTTLE2_INCRIncrement throttle 2
THROTTLE2_INCR_SMALLIncrement throttle 2 small
THROTTLE2_DECRDecrement throttle 2
THROTTLE2_CUTSet throttle 2 to idle
THROTTLE3_FULLSet throttle 3 max
THROTTLE3_INCRIncrement throttle 3
THROTTLE3_INCR_SMALLIncrement throttle 3 small
THROTTLE3_DECRDecrement throttle 3
THROTTLE3_CUTSet throttle 3 to idle
THROTTLE4_FULLSet throttle 1 max
THROTTLE4_INCRIncrement throttle 4
THROTTLE4_INCR_SMALLIncrement throttle 4 small
THROTTLE4_DECRDecrement throttle 4
THROTTLE4_CUTSet throttle 4 to idle
THROTTLE_10Set throttles to 10%
THROTTLE_20Set throttles to 20%
THROTTLE_30Set throttles to 30%
THROTTLE_40Set throttles to 40%
THROTTLE_50Set throttles to 50%
THROTTLE_60Set throttles to 60%
THROTTLE_70Set throttles to 70%
THROTTLE_80Set throttles to 80%
THROTTLE_90Set throttles to 90%
AXIS_THROTTLE1_SETSet throttle 1 exactly (-16383 - +16383)
AXIS_THROTTLE2_SETSet throttle 2 exactly (-16383 - +16383)
AXIS_THROTTLE3_SETSet throttle 3 exactly (-16383 - +16383)
AXIS_THROTTLE4_SETSet throttle 4 exactly (-16383 - +16383)
THROTTLE1_DECR_SMALLDecrease throttle 1 small
THROTTLE2_DECR_SMALLDecrease throttle 2 small
THROTTLE3_DECR_SMALLDecrease throttle 3 small
THROTTLE4_DECR_SMALLDecrease throttle 4 small
PROP_PITCH_DECR_SMALLDecrease prop levers small
PROP_PITCH1_DECR_SMALLDecrease prop lever 1 small
PROP_PITCH2_DECR_SMALLDecrease prop lever 2 small
PROP_PITCH3_DECR_SMALLDecrease prop lever 3 small
PROP_PITCH4_DECR_SMALLDecrease prop lever 4 small
MIXTURE1_RICHSet mixture lever 1 to max rich
MIXTURE1_INCRIncrement mixture lever 1
MIXTURE1_INCR_SMALLIncrement mixture lever 1 small
MIXTURE1_DECRDecrement mixture lever 1
MIXTURE1_LEANSet mixture lever 1 to max lean
MIXTURE2_RICHSet mixture lever 2 to max rich
MIXTURE2_INCRIncrement mixture lever 2
MIXTURE2_INCR_SMALLIncrement mixture lever 2 small
MIXTURE2_DECRDecrement mixture lever 2
MIXTURE2_LEANSet mixture lever 2 to max lean
MIXTURE3_RICHSet mixture lever 3 to max rich
MIXTURE3_INCRIncrement mixture lever 3
MIXTURE3_INCR_SMALLIncrement mixture lever 3 small
MIXTURE3_DECRDecrement mixture lever 3
MIXTURE3_LEANSet mixture lever 3 to max lean
MIXTURE4_RICHSet mixture lever 4 to max rich
MIXTURE4_INCRIncrement mixture lever 4
MIXTURE4_INCR_SMALLIncrement mixture lever 4 small
MIXTURE4_DECRDecrement mixture lever 4
MIXTURE4_LEANSet mixture lever 4 to max lean
MIXTURE_SETSet mixture levers to exact value (0 to 16383)
MIXTURE_RICHSet mixture levers to max rich
MIXTURE_INCRIncrement mixture levers
MIXTURE_INCR_SMALLIncrement mixture levers small
MIXTURE_DECRDecrement mixture levers
MIXTURE_LEANSet mixture levers to max lean
MIXTURE1_SETSet mixture lever 1 exact value (0 to 16383)
MIXTURE2_SETSet mixture lever 2 exact value (0 to 16383)
MIXTURE3_SETSet mixture lever 3 exact value (0 to 16383)
MIXTURE4_SETSet mixture lever 4 exact value (0 to 16383)
AXIS_MIXTURE_SETSet mixture lever 1 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_MIXTURE1_SETSet mixture lever 1 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_MIXTURE2_SETSet mixture lever 2 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_MIXTURE3_SETSet mixture lever 3 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_MIXTURE4_SETSet mixture lever 4 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
MIXTURE_SET_BESTSet mixture levers to current best power setting
MIXTURE_DECR_SMALLDecrement mixture levers small
MIXTURE1_DECR_SMALLDecrement mixture lever 1 small
MIXTURE2_DECR_SMALLDecrement mixture lever 4 small
MIXTURE3_DECR_SMALLDecrement mixture lever 4 small
MIXTURE4_DECR_SMALLDecrement mixture lever 4 small
PROP_PITCH_SETSet prop pitch levers (0 to 16383)
PROP_PITCH_LOSet prop pitch levers max (lo pitch)
PROP_PITCH_INCRIncrement prop pitch levers
PROP_PITCH_INCR_SMALLIncrement prop pitch levers small
PROP_PITCH_DECRDecrement prop pitch levers
PROP_PITCH_HISet prop pitch levers min (hi pitch)
PROP_PITCH1_SETSet prop pitch lever 1 exact value (0 to 16383)
PROP_PITCH2_SETSet prop pitch lever 2 exact value (0 to 16383)
PROP_PITCH3_SETSet prop pitch lever 3 exact value (0 to 16383)
PROP_PITCH4_SETSet prop pitch lever 4 exact value (0 to 16383)
PROP_PITCH1_LOSet prop pitch lever 1 max (lo pitch)
PROP_PITCH1_INCRIncrement prop pitch lever 1
PROP_PITCH1_INCR_SMALLIncrement prop pitch lever 1 small
PROP_PITCH1_DECRDecrement prop pitch lever 1
PROP_PITCH1_HISet prop pitch lever 1 min (hi pitch)
PROP_PITCH2_LOSet prop pitch lever 2 max (lo pitch)
PROP_PITCH2_INCRIncrement prop pitch lever 2
PROP_PITCH2_INCR_SMALLIncrement prop pitch lever 2 small
PROP_PITCH2_DECRDecrement prop pitch lever 2
PROP_PITCH2_HISet prop pitch lever 2 min (hi pitch)
PROP_PITCH3_LOSet prop pitch lever 3 max (lo pitch)
PROP_PITCH3_INCRIncrement prop pitch lever 3
PROP_PITCH3_INCR_SMALLIncrement prop pitch lever 3 small
PROP_PITCH3_DECRDecrement prop pitch lever 3
PROP_PITCH3_HISet prop pitch lever 3 min (hi pitch)
PROP_PITCH4_LOSet prop pitch lever 4 max (lo pitch)
PROP_PITCH4_INCRIncrement prop pitch lever 4
PROP_PITCH4_INCR_SMALLIncrement prop pitch lever 4 small
PROP_PITCH4_DECRDecrement prop pitch lever 4
PROP_PITCH4_HISet prop pitch lever 4 min (hi pitch)
AXIS_PROPELLER_SETSet propeller levers exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_PROPELLER1_SETSet propeller lever 1 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_PROPELLER2_SETSet propeller lever 2 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_PROPELLER3_SETSet propeller lever 3 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
AXIS_PROPELLER4_SETSet propeller lever 4 exact value (-16383 to +16383)
JET_STARTERSelects jet engine starter (for +/- sequence)
MAGNETO_SETSets magnetos (0,1)
TOGGLE_STARTER1Toggle starter 1
TOGGLE_STARTER2Toggle starter 2
TOGGLE_STARTER3Toggle starter 3
TOGGLE_STARTER4Toggle starter 4
ENGINE_AUTO_STARTTriggers auto-start
ENGINE_AUTO_SHUTDOWNTriggers auto-shutdown
MAGNETOSelects magnetos (for +/- sequence)
MAGNETO_DECRDecrease magneto switches positions
MAGNETO_INCRIncrease magneto switches positions
MAGNETO1_OFFSet engine 1 magnetos off
MAGNETO1_RIGHTToggle engine 1 right magneto
MAGNETO1_LEFTToggle engine 1 left magneto
MAGNETO1_BOTHSet engine 1 magnetos on
MAGNETO1_STARTSet engine 1 magnetos on and toggle starter
MAGNETO2_OFFSet engine 2 magnetos off
MAGNETO2_RIGHTToggle engine 2 right magneto
MAGNETO2_LEFTToggle engine 2 left magneto
MAGNETO2_BOTHSet engine 2 magnetos on
MAGNETO2_STARTSet engine 2 magnetos on and toggle starter
MAGNETO3_OFFSet engine 3 magnetos off
MAGNETO3_RIGHTToggle engine 3 right magneto
MAGNETO3_LEFTToggle engine 3 left magneto
MAGNETO3_BOTHSet engine 3 magnetos on
MAGNETO3_STARTSet engine 3 magnetos on and toggle starter
MAGNETO4_OFFSet engine 4 magnetos off
MAGNETO4_RIGHTToggle engine 4 right magneto
MAGNETO4_LEFTToggle engine 4 left magneto
MAGNETO4_BOTHSet engine 4 magnetos on
MAGNETO4_STARTSet engine 4 magnetos on and toggle starter
MAGNETO_OFFSet engine magnetos off
MAGNETO_RIGHTSet engine right magnetos on
MAGNETO_LEFTSet engine left magnetos on
MAGNETO_BOTHSet engine magnetos on
MAGNETO_STARTSet engine magnetos on and toggle starters
MAGNETO1_DECRDecrease engine 1 magneto switch position
MAGNETO1_INCRIncrease engine 1 magneto switch position
MAGNETO2_DECRDecrease engine 2 magneto switch position
MAGNETO2_INCRIncrease engine 2 magneto switch position
MAGNETO3_DECRDecrease engine 3 magneto switch position
MAGNETO3_INCRIncrease engine 3 magneto switch position
MAGNETO4_DECRDecrease engine 4 magneto switch position
MAGNETO4_INCRIncrease engine 4 magneto switch position
MAGNETO1_SETSet engine 1 magneto switch
MAGNETO2_SETSet engine 2 magneto switch
MAGNETO3_SETSet engine 3 magneto switch
MAGNETO4_SETSet engine 4 magneto switch
ANTI_ICE_ONSets anti-ice switches on
ANTI_ICE_OFFSets anti-ice switches off
ANTI_ICE_SETSets anti-ice switches from argument (0,1)
ANTI_ICE_TOGGLEToggle anti-ice switches
ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG1Toggle engine 1 anti-ice switch
ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG2Toggle engine 2 anti-ice switch
ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG3Toggle engine 3 anti-ice switch
ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG4Toggle engine 4 anti-ice switch
ANTI_ICE_SET_ENG1Sets engine 1 anti-ice switch (0,1)
ANTI_ICE_SET_ENG2Sets engine 2 anti-ice switch (0,1)
ANTI_ICE_SET_ENG3Sets engine 3 anti-ice switch (0,1)
ANTI_ICE_SET_ENG4Sets engine 4 anti-ice switch (0,1)
TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ALLToggle engine fuel valves
TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG1Toggle engine 1 fuel valve
TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG2Toggle engine 2 fuel valve
TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG3Toggle engine 3 fuel valve
TOGGLE_FUEL_VALVE_ENG4Toggle engine 4 fuel valve
COWLFLAP1_SETSets engine 1 cowl flap lever position (0 to 16383)
COWLFLAP2_SETSets engine 2 cowl flap lever position (0 to 16383)
COWLFLAP3_SETSets engine 3 cowl flap lever position (0 to 16383)
COWLFLAP4_SETSets engine 4 cowl flap lever position (0 to 16383)
INC_COWL_FLAPSIncrement cowl flap levers
DEC_COWL_FLAPSDecrement cowl flap levers
INC_COWL_FLAPS1Increment engine 1 cowl flap lever
DEC_COWL_FLAPS1Decrement engine 1 cowl flap lever
INC_COWL_FLAPS2Increment engine 2 cowl flap lever
DEC_COWL_FLAPS2Decrement engine 2 cowl flap lever
INC_COWL_FLAPS3Increment engine 3 cowl flap lever
DEC_COWL_FLAPS3Decrement engine 3 cowl flap lever
INC_COWL_FLAPS4Increment engine 4 cowl flap lever
DEC_COWL_FLAPS4Decrement engine 4 cowl flap lever
FUEL_PUMPToggle electric fuel pumps
TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMPToggle electric fuel pumps
TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMP1Toggle engine 1 electric fuel pump
TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMP2Toggle engine 2 electric fuel pump
TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMP3Toggle engine 3 electric fuel pump
TOGGLE_ELECT_FUEL_PUMP4Toggle engine 4 electric fuel pump
ENGINE_PRIMERTrigger engine primers
TOGGLE_PRIMERTrigger engine primers
TOGGLE_PRIMER1Trigger engine 1 primer
TOGGLE_PRIMER2Trigger engine 2 primer
TOGGLE_PRIMER3Trigger engine 3 primer
TOGGLE_PRIMER4Trigger engine 4 primer
TOGGLE_FEATHER_SWITCHESTrigger propeller switches
TOGGLE_FEATHER_SWITCH_1Trigger propeller 1 switch
TOGGLE_FEATHER_SWITCH_2Trigger propeller 2 switch
TOGGLE_FEATHER_SWITCH_3Trigger propeller 3 switch
TOGGLE_FEATHER_SWITCH_4Trigger propeller 4 switch
TOGGLE_PROPELLER_SYNCTurns propeller synchronization switch on
TOGGLE_AUTOFEATHER_ARMTurns auto-feather arming switch on.
TOGGLE_AFTERBURNERToggles afterburners
TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER1Toggles engine 1 afterburner
TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER2Toggles engine 2 afterburner
TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER3Toggles engine 3 afterburner
TOGGLE_AFTERBURNER4Toggles engine 4 afterburner
ENGINESets engines for 1,2,3,4 selection (to be followed by SELECT_n)
SPOILERS_TOGGLEToggles spoiler handle 
FLAPS_UPSets flap handle to full retract position
FLAPS_1Sets flap handle to first extension position
FLAPS_2Sets flap handle to second extension position
FLAPS_3Sets flap handle to third extension position
FLAPS_DOWNSets flap handle to full extension position
ELEV_TRIM_DNIncrements elevator trim down
ELEV_DOWNIncrements elevator down
AILERONS_LEFTIncrements ailerons left
CENTER_AILER_RUDDERCenters aileron and rudder positions
AILERONS_RIGHTIncrements ailerons right
ELEV_TRIM_UPIncrement elevator trim up
ELEV_UPIncrements elevator up
RUDDER_LEFTIncrements rudder left
RUDDER_CENTERCenters rudder position
RUDDER_RIGHTIncrements rudder right
ELEVATOR_SETSets elevator position (-16383 - +16383)
AILERON_SETSets aileron position (-16383 - +16383)
RUDDER_SETSets rudder position (-16383 - +16383)
FLAPS_INCRIncrements flap handle position
FLAPS_DECRDecrements flap handle position
AXIS_ELEVATOR_SETSets elevator position (-16383 - +16383)
AXIS_AILERONS_SETSets aileron position (-16383 - +16383)
AXIS_RUDDER_SETSets rudder position (-16383 - +16383)
AXIS_ELEV_TRIM_SETSets elevator trim position (-16383 - +16383)
SPOILERS_SETSets spoiler handle position (0 to 16383)
SPOILERS_ARM_TOGGLEToggles arming of auto-spoilers
SPOILERS_ONSets spoiler handle to full extend position
SPOILERS_OFFSets spoiler handle to full retract position
SPOILERS_ARM_ONSets auto-spoiler arming on
SPOILERS_ARM_OFFSets auto-spoiler arming off
SPOILERS_ARM_SETSets auto-spoiler arming (0,1)
AILERON_TRIM_LEFTIncrements aileron trim left
AILERON_TRIM_RIGHTIncrements aileron trim right
RUDDER_TRIM_LEFTIncrements rudder trim left
RUDDER_TRIM_RIGHTIncrements aileron trim right
AXIS_SPOILER_SETSets spoiler handle position (-16383 - +16383)
FLAPS_SETSets flap handle to closest increment (0 to 16383)
ELEVATOR_TRIM_SETSets elevator trim position (0 to 16383)
AXIS_FLAPS_SETSets flap handle to closest increment (-16383 - +16383)
AP_MASTERToggles AP on/off
YAW_DAMPER_TOGGLEToggles yaw damper on/off
AP_PANEL_HEADING_HOLDToggles heading hold mode on/off
AP_PANEL_ALTITUDE_HOLDToggles altitude hold mode on/off
AP_ATT_HOLD_ONTurns on AP wing leveler and pitch hold mode
AP_LOC_HOLD_ONTurns AP localizer hold on/armed and glide-slope hold mode off
AP_APR_HOLD_ONTurns both AP localizer and glide-slope modes on/armed
AP_HDG_HOLD_ONTurns heading hold mode on
AP_ALT_HOLD_ONTurns altitude hold mode on
AP_WING_LEVELER_ONTurns wing leveler mode on
AP_BC_HOLD_ONTurns localizer back course hold mode on/armed
AP_NAV1_HOLD_ONTurns lateral hold mode on
AP_ATT_HOLD_OFFTurns off attitude hold mode
AP_LOC_HOLD_OFFTurns off localizer hold mode
AP_APR_HOLD_OFFTurns off approach hold mode
AP_HDG_HOLD_OFFTurns off heading hold mode
AP_ALT_HOLD_OFFTurns off altitude hold mode
AP_WING_LEVELER_OFFTurns off wing leveler mode
AP_BC_HOLD_OFFTurns off backcourse mode for localizer hold
AP_NAV1_HOLD_OFFTurns off nav hold mode
AP_AIRSPEED_HOLDToggles airspeed hold mode
AUTO_THROTTLE_ARMToggles autothrottle arming mode
AUTO_THROTTLE_TO_GAToggles Takeoff/Go Around mode
HEADING_BUG_INCIncrements heading hold reference bug
HEADING_BUG_DECDecrements heading hold reference bug
HEADING_BUG_SETSet heading hold reference bug (degrees)
AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLDToggles airspeed hold mode
AP_ALT_VAR_INCIncrements reference altitude
AP_ALT_VAR_DECDecrements reference altitude
AP_VS_VAR_INCIncrements vertical speed reference
AP_VS_VAR_DECDecrements vertical speed reference
AP_SPD_VAR_INCIncrements airspeed hold reference
AP_SPD_VAR_DECDecrements airspeed hold reference
AP_PANEL_MACH_HOLDToggles mach hold
AP_MACH_VAR_INCIncrements reference mach
AP_MACH_VAR_DECDecrements reference mach
AP_MACH_HOLDToggles mach hold
AP_ALT_VAR_SET_METRICSets reference altitude in meters
AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISHSets reference vertical speed in feet per minute
AP_SPD_VAR_SETSets airspeed reference in knots
AP_MACH_VAR_SETSets mach reference
YAW_DAMPER_ONTurns yaw damper on
YAW_DAMPER_OFFTurns yaw damper off
YAW_DAMPER_SETSets yaw damper on/off (1,0)
AP_AIRSPEED_ONTurns airspeed hold on
AP_AIRSPEED_OFFTurns airspeed hold off
AP_AIRSPEED_SETSets airspeed hold on/off (1,0)
AP_MACH_ONTurns mach hold on
AP_MACH_OFFTurns mach hold off
AP_MACH_SETSets mach hold on/off (1,0)
AP_PANEL_ALTITUDE_ONTurns altitude hold mode on (without capturing current altitude)
AP_PANEL_ALTITUDE_OFFTurns altitude hold mode off
AP_PANEL_ALTITUDE_SETSets altitude hold mode on/off (1,0)
AP_PANEL_HEADING_ONTurns heading mode on (without capturing current heading)
AP_PANEL_HEADING_OFFTurns heading mode off
AP_PANEL_HEADING_SETSet heading mode on/off (1,0)
AP_PANEL_MACH_ONTurns on mach hold
AP_PANEL_MACH_OFFTurns off mach hold
AP_PANEL_MACH_SETSets mach hold on/off (1,0)
AP_PANEL_SPEED_ONTurns on speed hold mode
AP_PANEL_SPEED_OFFTurns off speed hold mode
AP_PANEL_SPEED_SETSet speed hold mode on/off (1,0)
AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISHSets altitude reference in feet
AP_VS_VAR_SET_METRICSets vertical speed reference in meters per minute
TOGGLE_FLIGHT_DIRECTORToggles flight director on/off
SYNC_FLIGHT_DIRECTOR_PITCHSynchronizes flight director pitch with current aircraft pitch
INCREASE_AUTOBRAKE_CONTROLIncrements autobrake level
DECREASE_AUTOBRAKE_CONTROLDecrements autobrake level
AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD_TOGGLETurns airspeed hold mode on with current airspeed
AP_PANEL_MACH_HOLD_TOGGLESets mach hold reference to current mach
AP_NAV_SELECT_SETSets the nav (1 or 2) which is used by the Nav hold modes
HEADING_BUG_SELECTSelects the heading bug for use with +/-
ALTITUDE_BUG_SELECTSelects the altitude reference for use with +/-
VSI_BUG_SELECTSelects the vertical speed reference for use with +/-
AIRSPEED_BUG_SELECTSelects the airspeed reference for use with +/-
AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UPIncrements the pitch reference for pitch hold mode
AP_PITCH_REF_INC_DNDecrements the pitch reference for pitch hold mode
AP_PITCH_REF_SELECTSelects pitch reference for use with +/-
AP_ATT_HOLDToggle attitude hold mode
AP_LOC_HOLDToggles localizer (only) hold mode
AP_APR_HOLDToggles approach hold (localizer and glide-slope)
AP_HDG_HOLDToggles heading hold mode
AP_ALT_HOLDToggles altitude hold mode
AP_WING_LEVELERToggles wing leveler mode
AP_BC_HOLDToggles the backcourse mode for the localizer hold
AP_NAV1_HOLDToggles the nav hold mode
FUEL_SELECTOR_OFFTurns selector 1 to OFF position
FUEL_SELECTOR_ALLTurns selector 1 to ALL position
FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFTTurns selector 1 to LEFT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHTTurns selector 1 to RIGHT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT_AUXTurns selector 1 to LEFT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT_AUXTurns selector 1 to RIGHT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_CENTERTurns selector 1 to CENTER position
FUEL_SELECTOR_SETSets selector 1 position (see code list below)
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_OFFTurns selector 2 to OFF position
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_ALLTurns selector 2 to ALL position
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFTTurns selector 2 to LEFT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_RIGHTTurns selector 2 to RIGHT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_LEFT_AUXTurns selector 2 to LEFT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_RIGHT_AUXTurns selector 2 to RIGHT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_CENTERTurns selector 2 to CENTER position
FUEL_SELECTOR_2_SETSets selector 2 position (see code list below)
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_OFFTurns selector 3 to OFF position
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_ALLTurns selector 3 to ALL position
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_LEFTTurns selector 3 to LEFT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_RIGHTTurns selector 3 to RIGHT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_LEFT_AUXTurns selector 3 to LEFT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_RIGHT_AUXTurns selector 3 to RIGHT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_CENTERTurns selector 3 to CENTER position
FUEL_SELECTOR_3_SETSets selector 3 position (see code list below)
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_OFFTurns selector 4 to OFF position
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_ALLTurns selector 4 to ALL position
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_LEFTTurns selector 4 to LEFT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_RIGHTTurns selector 4 to RIGHT position (burns from tip then aux then main)
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_LEFT_AUXTurns selector 4 to LEFT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_RIGHT_AUXTurns selector 4 to RIGHT AUX position
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_CENTERTurns selector 4 to CENTER position
FUEL_SELECTOR_4_SETSets selector 4 position (see code list below)
CROSS_FEED_OPENOpens cross feed valve (when used in conjunction with 'isolate' tank)
CROSS_FEED_TOGGLEToggles crossfeed valve (when used in conjunction with 'isolate' tank)
CROSS_FEED_OFFCloses crossfeed valve (when used in conjunction with 'isolate' tank)
XPNDRSequentially selects the transponder digits for use with +/-.
ADFSequentially selects the ADF tuner digits for use with +/-. Follow by KEY_SELECT_2 for ADF 2.
DMESelects the DME for use with +/-
COM_RADIOSequentially selects the COM tuner digits for use with +/-. Follow by KEY_SELECT_2 for COM 2.
VOR_OBSSequentially selects the VOR OBS for use with +/-. Follow by KEY_SELECT_2 for VOR 2.
NAV_RADIOSequentially selects the NAV tuner digits for use with +/-. Follow by KEY_SELECT_2 for NAV 2.
COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DECDecrements COM by one MHz
COM_RADIO_WHOLE_INCIncrements COM by one MHz
NAV1_RADIO_WHOLE_DECDecrements Nav 1 by one MHz
NAV1_RADIO_WHOLE_INCIncrements Nav 1 by one MHz
NAV1_RADIO_FRACT_DECDecrements Nav 1 by 25 KHz
NAV1_RADIO_FRACT_INCIncrements Nav 1 by 25 KHz
NAV2_RADIO_WHOLE_DECDecrements Nav 2 by one MHz
NAV2_RADIO_WHOLE_INCIncrements Nav 2 by one MHz
NAV2_RADIO_FRACT_DECDecrements Nav 2 by 25 KHz
NAV2_RADIO_FRACT_INCIncrements Nav 2 by 25 KHz
ADF_100_INCIncrements ADF by 100 KHz
ADF_10_INCIncrements ADF by 10 KHz
ADF_1_INCIncrements ADF by 1 KHz
XPNDR_1000_INCIncrements first digit of transponder
XPNDR_100_INCIncrements second digit of transponder
XPNDR_10_INCIncrements third digit of transponder
XPNDR_1_INCIncrements fourth digit of transponder
VOR1_OBI_DECDecrements the VOR 1 OBS setting
VOR1_OBI_INCIncrements the VOR 1 OBS setting
VOR2_OBI_DECDecrements the VOR 2 OBS setting
VOR2_OBI_INCIncrements the VOR 2 OBS setting
ADF_100_DECDecrements ADF by 100 KHz
ADF_10_DECDecrements ADF by 10 KHz
ADF_1_DECDecrements ADF by 1 KHz
COM_RADIO_SETSets COM frequency (BCD Hz)
NAV1_RADIO_SETSets NAV 1 frequency (BCD Hz)
NAV2_RADIO_SETSets NAV 2 frequency (BCD Hz)
ADF_SETSets ADF frequency (BCD Hz)
XPNDR_SETSets transponder code (BCD)
VOR1_SETSets OBS 1 (0 to 360)
VOR2_SETSets OBS 2 (0 to 360)
DME1_TOGGLESets DME display to Nav 1
DME2_TOGGLESets DME display to Nav 2
ADF_CARD_INCIncrements ADF card
ADF_CARD_DECDecrements ADF card
ADF_CARD_SETSets ADF card (0-360)
TOGGLE_DMEToggles between NAV 1 and NAV 2
AVIONICS_MASTER_SETSets the avionics master switch
TOGGLE_AVIONICS_MASTERToggles the avionics master switch
COM_STBY_RADIO_SETSets COM 1 standby frequency (BCD Hz)
COM_STBY_RADIO_SWAPSwaps COM 1 frequency with standby
COM_RADIO_FRACT_DEC_CARRYDecrement COM 1 frequency by 25 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRYIncrement COM 1 frequency by 25 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_WHOLE_DECDecrement COM 2 frequency by 1 MHz, with no carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_WHOLE_INCIncrement COM 2 frequency by 1 MHz, with no carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_FRACT_DECDecrement COM 2 frequency by 25 KHz, with no carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_FRACT_DEC_CARRYDecrement COM 2 frequency by 25 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_FRACT_INCIncrement COM 2 frequency by 25 KHz, with no carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRYIncrement COM 2 frequency by 25 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
COM2_RADIO_SETSets COM 2 frequency (BCD Hz)
COM2_STBY_RADIO_SETSets COM 2 standby frequency (BCD Hz)
COM2_RADIO_SWAPSwaps COM 2 frequency with standby
NAV1_RADIO_FRACT_DEC_CARRYDecrement NAV 1 frequency by 50 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
NAV1_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRYIncrement NAV 1 frequency by 50 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
NAV1_STBY_SETSets NAV 1 standby frequency (BCD Hz)
NAV1_RADIO_SWAPSwaps NAV 1 frequency with standby
NAV2_RADIO_FRACT_DEC_CARRYDecrement NAV 2 frequency by 50 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
NAV2_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRYIncrement NAV 2 frequency by 50 KHz, and carry when digit wraps
NAV2_STBY_SETSets NAV 2 standby frequency (BCD Hz)
NAV2_RADIO_SWAPSwaps NAV 2 frequency with standby
ADF1_RADIO_TENTHS_DECDecrements ADF 1 by 0.1 KHz.
ADF1_RADIO_TENTHS_INCIncrements ADF 1 by 0.1 KHz.
XPNDR_1000_DECDecrements first digit of transponder
XPNDR_100_DECDecrements second digit of transponder
XPNDR_10_DECDecrements third digit of transponder
XPNDR_1_DECDecrements fourth digit of transponder
XPNDR_DEC_CARRYDecrements fourth digit of transponder, and with carry.
XPNDR_INC_CARRYIncrements fourth digit of transponder, and with carry.
ADF_FRACT_DEC_CARRYDecrements ADF 1 frequency by 0.1 KHz, with carry
ADF_FRACT_INC_CARRYIncrements ADF 1 frequency by 0.1 KHz, with carry
COM1_TRANSMIT_SELECTSelects COM 1 to transmit
COM2_TRANSMIT_SELECTSelects COM 2 to transmit
COM_RECEIVE_ALL_TOGGLEToggles all COM radios to receive on
COM_RECEIVE_ALL_SETSets whether to receive on all COM radios (1,0)
MARKER_SOUND_TOGGLEToggles marker beacon sound on/off
ADF_COMPLETE_SETSets ADF 1 frequency (BCD Hz)
ADF1_WHOLE_INCIncrements ADF 1 by 1 KHz, with carry as digits wrap.
ADF1_WHOLE_DECDecrements ADF 1 by 1 KHz, with carry as digits wrap.
ADF2_100_INCIncrements the ADF 2 frequency 100 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_10_INCIncrements the ADF 2 frequency 10 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_1_INCIncrements the ADF 2 frequency 1 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_RADIO_TENTHS_INCIncrements ADF 2 frequency 1/10 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_100_DECDecrements the ADF 2 frequency 100 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_10_DECDecrements the ADF 2 frequency 10 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_1_DECDecrements the ADF 2 frequency 1 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_RADIO_TENTHS_DECDecrements ADF 2 frequency 1/10 digit, with wrapping
ADF2_WHOLE_INCIncrements ADF 2 by 1 KHz, with carry as digits wrap.
ADF2_WHOLE_DECDecrements ADF 2 by 1 KHz, with carry as digits wrap.
ADF2_FRACT_DEC_CARRYDecrements ADF 2 frequency by 0.1 KHz, with carry
ADF2_FRACT_INC_CARRYIncrements ADF 2 frequency by 0.1 KHz, with carry
ADF2_COMPLETE_SETSets ADF 1 frequency (BCD Hz)
RADIO_ADF2_IDENT_SETSets ADF 2 ID on/off (1,0)
FREQUENCY_SWAPSwaps frequency with standby on whichever NAV or COM radio is selected.
TOGGLE_GPS_DRIVES_NAV1Toggles between GPS and NAV 1 driving NAV 1 OBS display (and AP)
GPS_POWER_BUTTONToggles power button
GPS_NEAREST_BUTTONSelects Nearest Airport Page
GPS_OBS_BUTTONToggles automatic sequencing of waypoints
GPS_MSG_BUTTONToggles the Message Page
GPS_MSG_BUTTON_DOWNTriggers the pressing of the message button.
GPS_MSG_BUTTON_UPTriggers the release of the message button
GPS_FLIGHTPLAN_BUTTONDisplays the programmed flightplan.
GPS_TERRAIN_BUTTONDisplays terrain information on default display
GPS_PROCEDURE_BUTTONDisplays the approach procedure page.
GPS_ZOOMIN_BUTTONZooms in default display
GPS_ZOOMOUT_BUTTONZooms out default display
GPS_DIRECTTO_BUTTONBrings up the 'Direct To' page
GPS_MENU_BUTTONBrings up page to select active legs in a flightplan.
GPS_CLEAR_BUTTONClears entered data on a page
GPS_CLEAR_ALL_BUTTONClears all data immediately
GPS_CLEAR_BUTTON_DOWNTriggers the pressing of the Clear button
GPS_CLEAR_BUTTON_UPTriggers the release of the Clear button.
GPS_ENTER_BUTTONApproves entered data.
GPS_GROUP_KNOB_INCIncrements cursor
GPS_GROUP_KNOB_DECDecrements cursor
GPS_PAGE_KNOB_INCIncrements through pages
GPS_PAGE_KNOB_DECDecrements through pages
EGTSelects EGT bug for +/-
EGT_INCIncrements EGT bugs
EGT_DECDecrements EGT bugs
EGT_SETSets EGT bugs (0 to 32767)
BAROMETRICSyncs altimeter setting to sea level pressure, or 29.92 if above 18000 feet
GYRO_DRIFT_INCIncrements heading indicator
GYRO_DRIFT_DECDecrements heading indicator
KOHLSMAN_INCIncrements altimeter setting
KOHLSMAN_DECDecrements altimeter setting
KOHLSMAN_SETSets altimeter setting (Millibars * 16)
TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_INCIncrements airspeed indicators true airspeed reference card
TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_DECDecrements airspeed indicators true airspeed reference card
TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_SETSets airspeed indicators true airspeed reference card (degrees, where 0 is standard sea level conditions)
EGT1_INCIncrements EGT bug 1
EGT1_DECDecrements EGT bug 1
EGT1_SETSets EGT bug 1 (0 to 32767)
EGT2_INCIncrements EGT bug 2
EGT2_DECDecrements EGT bug 2
EGT2_SETSets EGT bug 2 (0 to 32767)
EGT3_INCIncrements EGT bug 3
EGT3_DECDecrements EGT bug 3
EGT3_SETSets EGT bug 3 (0 to 32767)
EGT4_INCIncrements EGT bug 4
EGT4_DECDecrements EGT bug 4
EGT4_SETSets EGT bug 4 (0 to 32767)
ATTITUDE_BARS_POSITION_UPIncrements attitude indicator pitch reference bars
ATTITUDE_BARS_POSITION_DOWNDecrements attitude indicator pitch reference bars
ATTITUDE_CAGE_BUTTONCages attitude indicator at 0 pitch and bank
RESET_G_FORCE_INDICATORResets max/min indicated G force to 1.0.
RESET_MAX_RPM_INDICATORReset max indicated engine rpm to 0.
HEADING_GYRO_SETSets heading indicator to 0 drift error.
GYRO_DRIFT_SETSets heading indicator drift angle (degrees).
STROBES_TOGGLEToggle strobe lights 
ALL_LIGHTS_TOGGLEToggle all lights
PANEL_LIGHTS_TOGGLEToggle panel lights
LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLEToggle landing lights
LANDING_LIGHT_UPRotate landing light up
LANDING_LIGHT_DOWNRotate landing light down
LANDING_LIGHT_LEFTRotate landing light left
LANDING_LIGHT_RIGHTRotate landing light right
LANDING_LIGHT_HOMEReturn landing light to default position
STROBES_ONTurn strobe lights on
STROBES_OFFTurn strobe light off
STROBES_SETSet strobe lights on/off (1,0)
PANEL_LIGHTS_ONTurn panel lights on
PANEL_LIGHTS_OFFTurn panel lights off
PANEL_LIGHTS_SETSet panel lights on/off (1,0)
LANDING_LIGHTS_ONTurn landing lights on
LANDING_LIGHTS_OFFTurn landing lights off
LANDING_LIGHTS_SETSet landing lights on/off (1,0)
TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTSToggle beacon lights
TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTSToggle taxi lights
TOGGLE_LOGO_LIGHTSToggle logo lights
TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTSToggle recognition lights
TOGGLE_WING_LIGHTSToggle wing lights
TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTSToggle navigation lights
TOGGLE_CABIN_LIGHTSToggle cockpit/cabin lights
TOGGLE_VACUUM_FAILUREToggle vacuum system failure
TOGGLE_ELECTRICAL_FAILUREToggle electrical system failure
TOGGLE_PITOT_BLOCKAGEToggles blocked pitot tube
TOGGLE_STATIC_PORT_BLOCKAGE Toggles blocked static port
TOGGLE_HYDRAULIC_FAILUREToggles hydraulic system failure
TOGGLE_TOTAL_BRAKE_FAILUREToggles brake failure (both)
TOGGLE_LEFT_BRAKE_FAILUREToggles left brake failure
TOGGLE_RIGHT_BRAKE_FAILUREToggles right brake failure
TOGGLE_ENGINE1_FAILUREToggle engine 1 failure
TOGGLE_ENGINE2_FAILUREToggle engine 2 failure
TOGGLE_ENGINE3_FAILUREToggle engine 3 failure
TOGGLE_ENGINE4_FAILUREToggle engine 4 failure
SMOKE_TOGGLEToggle smoke system switch
GEAR_TOGGLEToggle gear handle
BRAKESIncrement brake pressure 
GEAR_SETSets gear handle position up/down (0,1)
BRAKES_LEFTIncrements left brake pressure
BRAKES_RIGHTIncrements right brake pressure
PARKING_BRAKESToggles parking brake on/off
GEAR_PUMPIncrements emergency gear extension
PITOT_HEAT_TOGGLEToggles pitot heat switch
SMOKE_ONTurns smoke system on
SMOKE_OFFTurns smoke system off
SMOKE_SETSets smoke system on/off (1,0)
PITOT_HEAT_ONTurns pitot heat switch on
PITOT_HEAT_OFFTurns pitot heat switch off
PITOT_HEAT_SETSets pitot heat switch on/off (1,0)
GEAR_UPSets gear handle in UP position
GEAR_DOWNSets gear handle in DOWN position
TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERYToggles main battery switch
TOGGLE_MASTER_ALTERNATORToggles main alternator/generator switch
TOGGLE_ELECTRIC_VACUUM_PUMPToggles backup electric vacuum pump
TOGGLE_ALTERNATE_STATICToggles alternate static pressure port
DECREASE_DECISION_HEIGHTDecrements decision height reference
INCREASE_DECISION_HEIGHTIncrements decision height reference
TOGGLE_STRUCTURAL_DEICEToggles structural deice switch
TOGGLE_PROPELLER_DEICEToggles propeller deice switch
TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR1Toggles alternator/generator 1 switch
TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR2Toggles alternator/generator 2 switch
TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR3Toggles alternator/generator 3 switch
TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR4Toggles alternator/generator 4 switch
TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY_ALTERNATORToggles master battery and alternator switch
AXIS_LEFT_BRAKE_SETSets left brake position from axis controller (e.g. joystick). -16383 (0 brakes) to +16383 (max brakes)
AXIS_RIGHT_BRAKE_SETSets right brake position from axis controller (e.g. joystick). -16383 (0 brakes) to +16383 (max brakes)
TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXITToggles primary door open/close. Follow by KEY_SELECT_2, etc for subsequent doors.
TOGGLE_WING_FOLDToggles wing folding
SET_WING_FOLDSets the wings into the folded position suitable for storage, typically on a carrier. Takes a value:1 - fold wings,0 - unfold wings
SET_TAIL_HOOK_HANDLESets the tail hook handle. Takes a value:1 - set tail hook,0 - retract tail hook
TOGGLE_WATER_RUDDERToggles water rudders
TOGGLE_PUSHBACKToggles pushback.
KEY_TUG_HEADINGTriggers tug and sets the desired heading. The units are a 32 bit integer (0 to 4294967295) which represent 0 to 360 degrees. To set a 45 degree angle, for example, set the value to 4294967295 / 8.
KEY_TUG_SPEEDTriggers tug, and sets desired speed, in feet per second. The speed can be both positive (forward movement) and negative (backward movement).
TUG_DISABLEDisables tug
TOGGLE_MASTER_IGNITION_SWITCHToggles master ignition switch
TOGGLE_TAILWHEEL_LOCKToggles tail wheel lock
ADD_FUEL_QUANTITYAdds fuel to the aircraft, 25% of capacity by default. 0 to 65535 (max fuel) can be passed.
ROTOR_BRAKE Triggers rotor braking input
ROTOR_CLUTCH_SWITCH_TOGGLEToggles on electric rotor clutch switch
ROTOR_CLUTCH_SWITCH_SETSets electric rotor clutch switch on/off (1,0)
ROTOR_GOV_SWITCH_TOGGLEToggles the electric rotor governor switch
ROTOR_GOV_SWITCH_SETSets the electric rotor governor switch on/off (1,0)
ROTOR_LATERAL_TRIM_INCIncrements the lateral (right) rotor trim
ROTOR_LATERAL_TRIM_DECDecrements the lateral (right) rotor trim
ROTOR_LATERAL_TRIM_SETSets the lateral (right) rotor trim (0 to 16383)
SLEW_TOGGLEToggles slew on/off
SLEW_OFFTurns slew off
SLEW_ONTurns slew on
SLEW_SETSets slew on/off (1,0)
SLEW_RESETStop slew and reset pitch, bank, and heading all to zero.
SLEW_ALTIT_UP_FASTSlew upward fast
SLEW_ALTIT_UP_SLOWSlew upward slow
SLEW_ALTIT_FREEZEStop vertical slew
SLEW_ALTIT_DN_SLOWSlew downward slow
SLEW_ALTIT_DN_FASTSlew downward fast
SLEW_ALTIT_PLUSIncrease upward slew
SLEW_ALTIT_MINUSDecrease upward slew 
SLEW_PITCH_DN_FASTSlew pitch downward fast
SLEW_PITCH_DN_SLOWSlew pitch downward slow
SLEW_PITCH_FREEZEStop pitch slew
SLEW_PITCH_UP_SLOWSlew pitch up slow
SLEW_PITCH_UP_FASTSlew pitch upward fast
SLEW_PITCH_PLUSIncrease pitch up slew
SLEW_PITCH_MINUSDecrease pitch up slew
SLEW_BANK_MINUSIncrease left bank slew
SLEW_AHEAD_PLUSIncrease forward slew
SLEW_BANK_PLUSIncrease right bank slew
SLEW_LEFTSlew to the left
SLEW_FREEZEStop all slew
SLEW_RIGHTSlew to the right
SLEW_HEADING_MINUSIncrease slew heading to the left
SLEW_AHEAD_MINUSDecrease forward slew
SLEW_HEADING_PLUSIncrease slew heading to the right
AXIS_SLEW_AHEAD_SETSets forward slew (+/- 16383)
AXIS_SLEW_SIDEWAYS_SETSets sideways slew (+/- 16383)
AXIS_SLEW_HEADING_SETSets heading slew (+/- 16383)
AXIS_SLEW_ALT_SETSets vertical slew (+/- 16383)
AXIS_SLEW_BANK_SETSets roll slew (+/- 16383)
AXIS_SLEW_PITCH_SETSets pitch slew (+/- 16383)
VIEW_MODESelects next view
VIEW_WINDOW_TO_FRONTSets active window to front
VIEW_RESETResets the view to the default
ZOOM_INZooms view in
ZOOM_OUTZooms view out
MAP_ZOOM_FINE_INFine zoom in map view
PAN_LEFTPans view left
PAN_RIGHTPans view right
MAP_ZOOM_FINE_OUTFine zoom out in map view
VIEW_FORWARDSets view direction forward
VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHTSets view direction forward and right
VIEW_RIGHTSets view direction to the right
VIEW_REAR_RIGHTSets view direction to the rear and right
VIEW_REARSets view direction to the rear
VIEW_REAR_LEFTSets view direction to the rear and left
VIEW_LEFTSets view direction to the left
VIEW_FORWARD_LEFTSets view direction forward and left
VIEW_DOWNSets view direction down
ZOOM_MINUSDecreases zoom
ZOOM_PLUSIncrease zoom
PAN_UPPan view up
PAN_DOWNPan view down
VIEW_MODE_REVReverse view cycle
ZOOM_IN_FINEZoom in fine
ZOOM_OUT_FINEZoom out fine
CLOSE_VIEWClose current view
NEW_VIEWOpen new view
NEXT_VIEWSelect next view
PREV_VIEWSelect previous view
PAN_LEFT_UPPan view left
PAN_LEFT_DOWNPan view left and down
PAN_RIGHT_UPPan view right and up
PAN_RIGHT_DOWNPan view right and down
PAN_TILT_LEFTTilt view left
PAN_TILT_RIGHTTilt view right
PAN_RESETReset view to forward
VIEW_FORWARD_UPSets view forward and up
VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_UPSets view forward, right, and up
VIEW_RIGHT_UPSets view right and up
VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_UPSets view rear, right, and up
VIEW_REAR_UPSets view rear and up
VIEW_REAR_LEFT_UPSets view rear left and up
VIEW_LEFT_UPSets view left and up
VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_UPSets view forward left and up
VIEW_UPSets view up
VIEW_RESETResets the view to the default
PAN_RESET_COCKPITReset panning to forward, if in cockpit view
KEY_CHASE_VIEW_NEXTCycle view to next target
KEY_CHASE_VIEW_PREVCycle view to previous target
CHASE_VIEW_TOGGLEToggles chase view on/off
EYEPOINT_UPMove eyepoint up
EYEPOINT_DOWNMove eyepoint down
EYEPOINT_RIGHTMove eyepoint right
EYEPOINT_LEFTMove eyepoint left
EYEPOINT_FORWARDMove eyepoint forward
EYEPOINT_BACKMove eyepoint backward
EYEPOINT_RESETMove eyepoint to default position
NEW_MAPOpens new map view
PAUSE_TOGGLEToggles pause on/off
PAUSE_ONTurns pause on
PAUSE_OFFTurns pause off
PAUSE_SETSets pause on/off (1,0)
DEMO_STOPStops demo system playback
SELECT_1Sets 'selected' index (for other events) to 1
SELECT_2Sets 'selected' index (for other events) to 2
SELECT_3Sets 'selected' index (for other events) to 3
SELECT_4Sets 'selected' index (for other events) to 4
MINUSUsed in conjunction with 'selected' parameters to decrease their value (e.g., radio frequency)
PLUSUsed in conjunction with 'selected' parameters to increase their value (e.g., radio frequency)
ZOOM_1XSets zoom level to 1
SOUND_TOGGLEToggles sound on/off
SIM_RATESelects simulation rate (use KEY_MINUS, KEY_PLUS to change)
JOYSTICK_CALIBRATEToggles joystick on/off
SITUATION_SAVESaves flight situation
SITUATION_RESETResets flight situation
SOUND_SETSets sound on/off (1,0)
EXITQuit ESP with a message
ABORTQuit ESP without a message
READOUTS_SLEWCycle through information readouts while in slew
READOUTS_FLIGHTCycle through information readouts
MINUS_SHIFTUsed with other events
PLUS_SHIFTUsed with other events
SIM_RATE_INCRIncrease sim rate
SIM_RATE_DECRDecrease sim rate
KNEEBOARD_VIEWToggles kneeboard
PANEL_1Toggles panel 1
PANEL_2Toggles panel 2
PANEL_3Toggles panel 3
PANEL_4Toggles panel 4
PANEL_5Toggles panel 5
PANEL_6Toggles panel 6
PANEL_7Toggles panel 7
PANEL_8Toggles panel 8
PANEL_9Toggles panel 9
SOUND_ONTurns sound on
SOUND_OFFTurns sound off
INVOKE_HELPBrings up Help system
TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_LABELSToggles aircraft labels
FLIGHT_MAPBrings up flight map
RELOAD_PANELSReload panel data
PANEL_ID_TOGGLEToggles indexed panel (1 to 9)
PANEL_ID_OPENOpens indexed panel (1 to 9)
PANEL_ID_CLOSECloses indexed panel (1 to 9)
RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFTReloads the user aircraft data (from cache if same type loaded as an AI, otherwise from disk)
SIM_RESETResets aircraft state
VIRTUAL_COPILOT_TOGGLETurns Flying Tips on/off
VIRTUAL_COPILOT_SETSets Flying Tips on/off (1,0)
VIRTUAL_COPILOT_ACTIONTriggers action noted in Flying Tips
REFRESH_SCENERYReloads scenery
CLOCK_HOURS_DECDecrements time by hours
CLOCK_HOURS_INCIncrements time by hours
CLOCK_MINUTES_DECDecrements time by minutes
CLOCK_MINUTES_INCIncrements time by minutes
CLOCK_HOURS_SETSets hour of day
CLOCK_MINUTES_SETSets minutes of the hour
ZULU_HOURS_SETSets hours, zulu time
ZULU_MINUTES_SETSets minutes, in zulu time
ZULU_DAY_SETSets day, in zulu time
ZULU_YEAR_SETSets year, in zulu time
ATCActivates ATC window
ATC_MENU_1Selects ATC option 1
ATC_MENU_2Selects ATC option 2
ATC_MENU_3Selects ATC option 3
ATC_MENU_4Selects ATC option 4
ATC_MENU_5Selects ATC option 5
ATC_MENU_6Selects ATC option 6
ATC_MENU_7Selects ATC option 7
ATC_MENU_8Selects ATC option 8
ATC_MENU_9Selects ATC option 9
ATC_MENU_0Selects ATC option 10
MP_TRANSFER_CONTROLToggle to the next player to track
MP_PLAYER_CYCLECycle through the current user aircraft.
MP_PLAYER_FOLLOWSet the view to follow the selected user aircraft.
MP_CHATToggles chat window visible/invisible
MP_ACTIVATE_CHATActivates chat window
MP_VOICE_CAPTURE_STARTStart capturing audio from the users computer and transmitting it to all other players in the multiplayer session who are turned to the same radio frequency.
MP_VOICE_CAPTURE_STOPStop capturing radio audio.
MP_BROADCAST_VOICE_CAPTURE_STARTStart capturing audio from the users computer and transmitting it to all other players in the multiplayer session.
MP_BROADCAST_VOICE_CAPTURE_STOPStop capturing broadcast audio.