Forward UDP Telemetry to other applications or Devices

Games use different technologies to provide access to their telemetry data. If a game uses UDP based Telemetry (like Codemasters games), this telemetry can often only sent to one receiver directly from the game.
If you want to use the telemetry data simultaneously for SIM Dashboard AND another application (like SimVibe) read on!

Forward UDP Telemetry Tab

Select the Forward UDP Telemetry Tab in the SIM Dashboard PC Application, then click on Add UDP Receiver.

Add UDP Receiver

Now begin by selecting the game whose UDP Telemetry you like to forward.

If your desired game is not in the list, it probably does not use UDP Telemetry, so forwarding is NOT required.

Then enter the destination IP Address.

If the other application runs on the same PC, enter

Continue with entering the port on which the other application listens for data.

Optional: You can enter a comment to later identify this UDP Forward item more easily.

Confirm the Dialog with a press on OK. UDP Telemetry is now forwarded to this receiver!