How to create a virtual Button Box on your Android device to control every game or app running on your PC

A Button Box in SIM Dashboard allows you to simulate keystrokes on your PC when you click on a virtual button on your Android device

What you can do with a Button Box

  • Turn the lights of your in-game car on and off
  • PIT Limiter and PIT Confirm
  • Control your Video- or Graphics Editor Software
  • Connect / Disconnect a Tool in Farming Simulator 19 (FS19)
  • Adjust your in-game camera
  • Start the Engine of the in-game Car
  • ...
You can basically do everything which can be triggered by a keyboard button

1. Prerequisites

2. Pairing with the PC

Make sure that your Android Device is on the same network like your PC and then Pair the Android Device with your PC

3. Select or Create a Game/App in the SIM Dashboard App

Click on the Hamburger Menu Button in the upper left edge of the screen.

If your desired Game is in the list of supported Games click on it's Name and proceed with Step 4

If your game or Application is not in this list, scroll down to the Button Box for other PC Games/Apps Header and click on the Add Button Box Menu entry

Enter the name of your Game/Application or any other Name of your choice to identify this Button Box later, then click on Add Button Box

Click on the newly created entry with the Name of your Button Box

4. Edit Mode

Click on the Pen Icon to enter the Edit Mode

Then click on the (+) Icon

and finally on Add widget/design

5. Add Button Box Widget

Click on Create new layout Create new Design (Please note: The screen looks a little bit different now)

If you don't see this Message Box, you already have a Widget on this screen, so you can just continue

Click on Button Box entry on the left side and chosse a Button from the right side afterwards (in this example I have choosen the Round Button)

6. Customize the Button Box Widget

The Customize Screen of the Widget opens, where you can change the Color of the button...

In this example we like to control the Headlights of the in-game Car, which is mapped to the 'H' key as you can see on the Screenshot. Check the settings of your game, which key is assigned to the action you like to control. Assign the desired key, if none is assigned yet

Now, back in the App, scroll down until you see the entry called Key and choose the desired key to simulate ('H' in this example) If you like to simulate a keystroke like Ctrl+H, you can add the desired additional keys as Modifier1 and Modifier2

You can also specifiy when the Keystroke is sent. Choose On Press if you like it to behave like a normal keyboard button, which is simulated as long as you press it in the app On Release will simulate a single key push and release event once you release the virtual button in the app.

Now close the Dialog with a click on OK.

In the Editor click on the checkmark icon to save your Design.

7. Testing the Button

On your PC, open a Texteditor of your Choice, then push the virtual button in the App. The key is simulated and appears in the Editor.

If your key does not appear:

  • Make sure that the Editor window is focused
  • Keep in mind that non-printable keys like PageUp or Key combinations like Ctrl+C are not visible in the Editor

Now, start your Game and try the new Button!


The Key is recognized in the Text Editor, but not in the game?

Some Games, especially those that are started with Admin rights, don't recognize simulated buttons if SIM Dashboard is not running with Admin Rights as well.

  • Close the SIM Dashboard PC Application
  • Make sure that it's really closed...
  • Now configure SIM Dashboard to run with Admin Rights
  • It may be necessary to pair the Android Device with the PC again, because the application can create a second Settings file when running with Admin rights

The wrong key is simulated

Solution: Enter the Edit Mode in the App, by clicking the Pen Icon in the upper menu. Then select the Button and hit the green Customize icon. Finally check the assigned Key.

The game does the wrong thing!

Solution: Open the Settings of the game and check if the button that is mapped for your desired action matches the one selected in the app.

No Button is simulated on my PC

Solution: Re-Pair the Android Device with your PC, because the Ip Address of your PC may have changed, so the App is sending the Command to the wrong Ip. Make sure that the SIM Dashboard PC Application is allowed in the Firewall

The Widget Editor does not show show the Button Box Category

Solution: Make sure that the selected Game is a PC Game. Now open the Settings of the App General -> Select your Gaming Platform(s) and make sure that the PC Platform is selected. Finally restart the App and try again.

Still Issues? Write me an email to: info(at)