Add devices manually

If you experience problems with the automatic pairing within the Android App, you can add the android device manually to the SIM Dashboard Server application.

The required steps are described in this tutorial.

If your App cannot find the PC from within the Pairing Wizard, it is most likely a problem with the PC's Firewall. Make sure that the PC Application is allowed in your Firewall. If you add the device manually and cannot get it working check your Firewall!

Add device

Open the SIM Dashboard Server application and activate the tab "Devices".

Click on the button "Manually add device".

Enter data

In the opening dialog enter the data of your device.

The IP address of your device can be found in the network options of the device (make sure that it is connected to the desired WiFi).

The name is optional and will be used in the PC application only.

If you have added the device, you can start one of the games and the Android app should retrieve the data as desired. The PC Setup Wizard in the Android App MUST not be executed anymore.

If you are not receiving any data check your firewall and make sure that the SIM Dashboard PC Application is allowed to communicate.

Remove unused devices