Pairing the App with your PC

To pair the App with the PC you have to open the PC Setup Wizard in the App.

It can be opened during the first run wizard or manually from within the settings of the app.

Make sure that you installed the PC Application on your PC already

Afterwards continue with the configuration of your games

The Steps from the video in Details:

Step 1

Open the menu with the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and open the Settings

Step 2

Start the pc setup

Step 3

Click on Next

Step 4 (Network connection)

If you WiFi connection is not active, activate it now.

Make sure, that your Gaming PC and the Android device are in the same network (the PC can be connected through a wired connection of course). Now click on next.

Step 5 (Select the server)

Select your Gaming PC (Server) from the list.

If your Gaming PC is not on the list:

  1. Is the pc started?
  2. Is the PC application installed and started?
  3. Is the application allowed in your firewall?
  4. Turn the WiFi of your Android device off and on again
  5. Press the Search server button again You still cannot find the PC?

Check your firewall again, (maybe also in the Wi-Fi Router) or try to manually pair your device, just have a look on this tutorial.

Step 6 (Test your server)

The server starts to send testdata, the Speedometer should react and start moving.

Afterwards proceed with the next step.

Step 7 (IP Address hint)

The server has saved the IP address of your android device and will use it from now on to send the game data to your device.

Make sure, that the IP address of the android device does not change. Otherwise you must perform the pairing again.

Tip: Some routers have an option to always use the same ip address for a specific device. Learn more

Step 8 (Game configuration hint)

Most games need to be configured in order to provide their data.

The SIM Dashboard Server application makes this procedure very easy. Have a look on the Game configuration tutorials.


The setup is now finished. You are ready to start.

Please note, that the pc application must be started while you are playing.

Great, the App is now paired!
Now configure your Games