Forza Horizon 4

The UDP telemetry of Forza Horizon 4 is enabled within the HUD and Gameplay Settings of the game.
You must enter the IP Address and Port specified in the SIM Dashboard Android Application. The complete procedure is explained on this help page.

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SIM Dashboard Forza Horizon 4 Configuration

First open the SIM Dashboard App, select the game Forza Horizon 4 from the Game list.

After that click on the Menu Entry UDP Config (on small devices it may be in the drop down menu in the upper right corner). The dialog shown on the screenshot appears.

Now remember the DATA OUT IP Address which is displayed there (Yours, not the one from the screenshot! :-)).

If your IP Address is not shown there, make sure that you are connected to your local WiFi or find the IP Address in the WiFi Settings of your device.

Also, remember the DATA OUT IP Port. The default is 5685, you can change it if required.

Open the Game Options

Now open the Game Settings, from the Pause Menu Settings -> HUD and Gameplay

Enable DATA OUT in the HUD and Gameplay Options

Scroll down until you see the option DATA OUT. Set this option to ON.

Then enter DATA OUT IP ADDRESS from your Android device, that you got from the SIM Dashboard Config screen (Use the button F (PC) or X (XBOX) to edit the value).

Now enter the DATA OUT IP PORT that you specified in the SIM Dashboard Config screen (Use the button F (PC) or X (XBOX) to edit the value).

You are now ready to play the game!


  • Make sure that you have entered the correct IP Address and Port in the Game Options.

The IP Address can change from time to time, you either need to update it in this case or configure your Router to assign a static IP Address to your device

  • Make sure that the DATA OUT Feature is set to ON
  • Turn off and on the WiFi of your Android device