Richard Burns Rally

Richard Burns Rally does not require configuration to enable telemetry, BUT if the game is running with Administrator Rights the SIM Dashboard Server Application has to be run with Administrator rights too!

If the option Run with Admin privileges is activated, don't(!) continue with reading, you did everything required!

The title bar of the PC Application shows the additional info (elevated), SIM Dashboard is running with admin privileges

If the option Run with Admin privileges in the Settings of the PC Application does not(!) work, check the following instructions that explain how to setup automatic start with admin privileges manually.

Alternative instructions (manual): Open the Task Scheduler

Open the Start Menu, then type taskschd.msc in the search line and press enter.

NOTE: This will open Task Scheduler. This file is located at: C:\Windows\system32\taskschd.msc.

Create Task

While having Task Scheduler Library selected in the left pane, click on Create task in the far right pane.

General settings

Under the General tab, type in the "Name" of the Task that will be fired at Logon, e.g. SIMDB. The Description is optional. Make sure to "Run with highest privileges".

Configure for option

In the Configure for option at the bottom you can select your current Operating System (e.g. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or whatever you are running)

Add an action

Click on the Actions tab, then on the New button.

New Action

Under "Action", select Start a program and click on the Browse button.

Select the executable

Navigate to the SIMDashboardServer.exe file. Then select it and click on Open.

Confirm New Action

Click on OK.


Click on the Conditions tab, and uncheck the Stop if the computer switches to battery power box first, then uncheck the Start the task only if the computer is on AC power box.

NOTE: This step is mostly for laptops, so that you will be able to run the program when the laptop is running on battery power.

Add Trigger

Click the Triggers tab and click the New button.

Begin Task Option

Select "At log on" from the "Begin the task:" drop-down list.

Trigger Settings

Click "Specific user:" and make sure it specifies your account. Make sure the task is "Enabled".

Final steps

Now click on OK twice to create the Task.

Next time the account is logged on the application will automatically start with Administrator rights.

ATTENTION: Make sure that the options Start automatically with Windows and Run with Admin privileges are both UNTICKED in the Settings of the Application, because the application is already started by the Task which we created in the steps above!