DiRT3 Crash 10038 Bug Fix

If you get this error at the end of a stage, follow the instructions below:

DiRT3 has a nasty bug since version 1.2 which leads to crashes at the end of the stage when telemetry is activated.

  1. Download the ZIP file using this link.
  2. Extract the ZIP file to a folder of your choosing.
  3. Open the folder you created in the previous step, and then run DiRTTelemetryErrorFix.exe.
  4. Within 30 seconds (configurable via App.config) of starting DiRTTelemetryErrorFix.exe, start DiRT 3.
  5. DiRTTelemetryErrorFix.exe will automatically hook into the game process and will suppress the WinSock error.
    Credits to RoccoC for creating this fix!