Assetto Corsa

This tutorial explains how to use the UDP Telemetry in Assetto Corsa and is intended for PS4/PS5 users. Basically this can be also used on the PC, but I advise to use the SIM Dashboard Server Application on the PC, because it can read more data from the game.

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Find the ip address of the console

At first you must find the ip address of your console. Either check your router or look it up directly in the settings of your device. The video shows the procedure on the PS4.

Select the game in the app

Select the game Assetto Corsa 1 UDP (PS4/PS5) in the app.

Open the menu

Open the menu and click on UDP Config (on small devices it may be in the drop down menu in the upper right corner)

Enter the ip address

Enter the ip address you obtained in step 1 into the dialog.

Start the game

Now start the game. As soon as you are on the track you should be connected to the game.

The game does not send a maximum rpm value, so it is advisable to push full throttle in the neutral gear at least once.