F1 2017

This tutorial explains how to enable the UDP Telemetry in F1 2017 and is intended for Playstation and XBOX users.

PC users can also use the UDP Telemetry, but the automatic configuration, with the SIM Dashboard PC application is recommended.

The SIM Dashboard App gives you additional gauges for your favorite PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox One Series X/S SIM Racing games. Select from more than 200 customizable widgets and create your personal display. Tachometer, Steering wheel display or timing screen, everything is possible, it's up to you.

Open the game options

Press the Triangle button or Y-button (or F2 on the PC) on the mainscreen to enter the game options.
Afterwards open the entry "Settings".

Open the entry "UDP Telemetry Settings"

Open the entry "UDP Telemetry Settings"

Adjust the UDP Telemetry settings

Set "UDP Telemetry" to: ON

the "Broadcast" to: OFF

Set the "IP-Address": to the IP Address of your Android device

Set the Port to 20777.
The Sendrate should be set to 20Hz

Please note: The game starts to send data not before the race is started.

Please note: If multiple devices in the network should receive the data, you can configure UDP Forwarding in the App to send data to your other devices