Project Cars

This tutorial explains how to enable the UDP Telemetry in Project Cars 1 and is intended for Playstation and XBOX users. Basically this can be also used on the PC, but I advise to use the Shared Memory Interface on the PC.

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Open the options

To enable UDP Telemetry in Project Cars, open the options of the game.

Open the submenu gameplay

Now open the submenu Gameplay on the left side of the screen

Enable UDP Telemetry

Set the Option UDP to 1. The number specifies the Speed, 1 is the fastest, 9 the slowest. Try it with a medium Setting "4".

UDP off

UDP 1 60/sec (16ms)

UDP 2 50/sec (20ms)

UDP 3 40/sec (25ms)

UDP 4 30/sec (32ms)

UDP 5 20/sec (50ms)

UDP 6 15/sec (66ms)

UDP 7 10/sec (100ms)

UDP 8 05/sec (200ms)

UDP 9 01/sec (1000ms)