Project Cars 2

This tutorial explains how to enable the UDP Telemetry in Project Cars 2 and is intended for Playstation and XBOX users (make sure to update the game at least to version 2.0!). Basically this can be also used on the PC, but I advise to use the Shared Memory Interface on the PC.

If you are looking for the Project Cars 3 Configuration, follow this link: Project Cars 3 Configuration

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Open the options

To enable UDP Telemetry in Project Cars 2, open the options of the game. Then click on "System" (Configurate External Apps)

Enable UDP Telemetry

Select a UDP-Frequency (1 is the fastest setting), e.g. select 4. If you experience connection problems or delays you can increase the UDP frequency to a higher value, to reduce the data transmission and improve performance.

Then select the entry "Project CARS 2" or "Project CARS 1" for the UDP Protocolversion option. The app supports both protocol versions.

If you still get no data after configuring everything according to the instructions above, you should try to switch the connection method of your Playstation/Xbox. If you are currently using a LAN Cable to connect the Console, try to connect it via WiFi or vice versa. Sometimes the game sends the data on the wrong interface.