Map Buttons on your Controller or Wheel to switch pages

If you are playing on the PC (any game) or one of the following games on consoles: Project Cars 1/2, F1 2021, F1 2020, F1 2019, F1 2018 you can assign controller or wheel buttons to execute actions in the app (e.g. switch pages). The following help page explains how to map the desired buttons.

Open the Controller Settings

First open the Settings of the App, then click on the Controllers Tab and finally click the Edit controller assignment menu entry.

Assign a button

First select a controller from the list.

If you are playing on the PC: Make sure that you have paired the App and the PC using the in App Pairing Wizard first! If no devices are shown redo the pairing.

Then select one of the available actions and click on Assign.

Now press the desired button on your Controller / Wheel to map it to the selected action.

For F1 2021 / F1 2020 / F1 2019 / F1 2018 / Project Cars 1/2 on Playstation/Xbox: Make sure to setup the telemetry and start a race to map the buttons!

Info for F1 2018/2019/2020/2021 on Playstation/Xbox: This game allows you to use the following buttons:

  • Cross or A
  • Triangle or Y
  • Circle or B
  • Square or X
  • D-Pad Left, Right, Up, Down
  • Options or Menu
  • L1 or LB
  • R1 or RB
  • Left Stick Click
  • Right Stick Click
  • With Caution:
    • L2 or LT
    • R2 or RT

    In the F1 2018-2020 Games the L2/LT and the R2/RT Buttons are combined with the Brake-/Throttle pedal.

    Thus L2/LT does not work if you are currently braking and R2/RT does not work if you are currently pushing the throttle pedal.

If you are using a Wheel make sure that your desired button is one of these. Look up how the buttons on the wheel are mapped to the Controller Scheme. Also keep in mind, that buttons that are assigned to actions within the game either execute both actions (in game action and the one from the app or only the in game action).