Cropping background images

The app contains a feature that allows you to crop some of the predefined background images. You can select the visible portion of the image which suits you best and complies to your screens aspect ratio.

Image crop option

You can find the crop image feature in the settings of some of the predefined background images.


The image is displayed in the upper area, menu items are below.

  1. Switch between locked aspect ratio and free selection
  2. Cancel
  3. Confirm selection
  4. The selection tool. You can define the desired image section with the border

Free selection

The selection tool can either be locked on the screen's aspect ratio (recommended) or allow free selection. If the aspect ratio can be freely selected (1) the border (2) can take any shape. Warning, the image will be stretched or shrinked in this case.

Large selection

If a large portion of the image is selected you can see more of the image later on, but the gauges have to be smaller. This is recommended for bigger screens.

Small selection

If a smaller part of the image is selected you can increase the size of the gauges.