How to copy a Design locally

Some situations where it's useful to create a local copy of a Design:

  • Use a Design in Game B that you created for Game A
  • Create a Design that is based on another (that you created earlier or that you downloaded from the Community)
  • Create a second Page, where many elements are similar

This video shows how to create a local copy of a Design:

  1. You need an existing Design to create a copy from it (should be obvious)

  2. Select the Game from the Mainmenu where you like the Copy to be placed

  3. Create an empty Screen (click on the three dots in the upper right corner) and click on Add an empty Page

  4. On your empty Screen enter the Edit Mode with the Pen Icon in the red upper bar

  5. Click on the red Plus Icon and then on Add widget/design

  6. The Design Browser opens (if not: make sure that your Design is empty! Then start again with step 5.)

    • Select the This Device tab
    • Select the Design you like to copy
    • Click on Install
  7. Design has been copied. End the Edit mode with the checkmark icon.