SIM Dashboard Studio

The SIM Dashboard Studio feature allows you to edit your Designs from a Browser on your PC.

Start SIM Dashboard Studio

This short video shows how to start the SIM Dashboard Studio feature in the App (to be able to access it from your PC)

  • Open the Main Menu of the Android App (not the PC Application)
  • Scroll down to the end of the List
  • Click on the Entry SIM Dashboard Studio (you don't see the entry? Update the App to the latest version)
  • The Studio Dialog opens

  • The Address bar in the center shows the Url that you can enter in your PC Browser to open the Remote Interface

  • Below the Address Bar a random Password is shown that protects the Interface (If the Password protection is disabled in the settings, no password is shown)

  • The Moon Icon allows you to dim the Screen (to save Battery)

Access SIM Dashboard Studio on your PC

  • Open a Browser on your PC
  • Enter the full Address (http://... including the port after the colon) that the SIM Dashboard Studio Dialog shows and hit Enter
  • Enter the Password that the App shows (If Password protection is activated)
  • The Website opens

Not working? Make sure that your PC and the Android Device are in the same Network and the SIM Dashboard Studio Dialog is still open in the App

View Designs of your Device

  • Click on the Studio Button in the Menu Bar

  • The Studio Page shows all Designs on your Device
  • Click on the Edit this Design Button to open the Editor for the corresponding Design
  • Click on Add Design to add a new Design for your desired Game (each game has its own Add Design Button, Games without existing Designs are at the end of the page)

The Design Editor

Overview of the Editor Interface

  1. The Preview Image of the Design (blue)
  2. The Tools Box (red)
    • Deselect Button
    • Rotate Dialog
    • Scale the Widget up
    • Scale the Widget down
    • Delete a Widget
    • Duplicate a Widget
    • Toggle Snap to Grid
    • Clear Layout (Delete all Widgets)
    • Add new Widget
  3. Position Tools (violet)
    • Align the Widget to the Top
    • Align the Widget vertically centered
    • Align the Widget to the Bottom
    • Align the Widget to the Left
    • Align the Widget horizontally centered
    • Align the Widget to the Right
  4. Zoom the Design (turquoise)
  5. Customization Options (green)
    • If you select a Widget it shows the customization Options for that Widget
  6. Layers (yellow)
    • Shows all Widgets and allows you to reorder the Z-Index by dragging them vertically
    • Click on a Layer to select the Widget

Additional Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom In:
Ctrl + +, or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up
Zoom Out:
Ctrl + -, or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down
Move Widget:
Move Widget quick:
Shift +
Delete Widget:
Multi Select:
Ctrl + Left Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button on a selected Widget

Additional Notes

  • Design changes are automatically saved, no manual save required
  • By default, the Remote Access is stopped once you close the SIM Dashboard Studio Dialog in the App. This behavior can be changed in the Settings

Studio Settings

  • Keep Studio Webinterface running Allows you to edit Designs while you normally use the App, so the SIM Dashboard Studio Dialog must not be opened. If the App goes to sleep, the Interface is unavailable, so you may also want to activate Keep Screen On on the General Tab of the Settings.
  • Use a Password Enable or Disable the Password Protection
  • Chose a Password Select your own Password
  • Change the Port of the Webservice If you like to run it on a different port, activate that Option
  • Webinterface Port Your custom Port


  • If I leave the SIM Dashboard Studio Dialog in the App, the Website is not working anymore

    Yes, this is the default behavior. If you like to keep it always running, activate the Keep Studio Webinterface running Option in the settings (see above)

  • I cannot connect to my App

    Make sure that you are in the same Network and that the SIM Dashboard Studio Dialog is opened on your Device. Then double check that you entered the correct Address into your PC Browser as it is shown on the App (you can also click on the Address Bar in the App to copy the Link to the Clipboard).

  • The App does not show an Address

    Connect to your local WiFi Network and try again.

  • The Preview Image is not sharp

    The Preview Image is rendered with lower Resolution. View it in the App for the highest resolution

  • If I edit a Design, the Preview Image on the Studio Tab is not always updated

    The Preview Image is updated once you open the Design the next time within the App. You can force an Update if you open the Design in the App, click the Pen Icon to Edit it and the Checkmark to save (without actually changing something).

  • My Design appears upright in the Remote Editor and the Widgets are displaced

    Open the App on the Android device, so that it runs in foreground. If the app is in the background or the Android device has gone to sleep mode, the Screen Dimensions can look distorted.