WiFi IP changed

The WiFi IP Address is the Address that identifies your Android Device on your local Wireless Network. Usually your WiFi Router runs a so-called DHCP Server. The DHCP Server is responsible for assigning Addresses to each new Device that connects to the WiFi.

Each Address has an expiration date, whose default setting is different from Router to Router. If the Address expires, your Router can assign a new Address to your Device.

This is the Moment where you sit before your Screen and say: I don't receive data anymore, it was still working fine yesterday!!

The App can detect that Situation and show a message (this is where you came from, if you opened this Help Page from within the App). What the App cannot do, is fixing that situation automatically.

Steps to resolve it, if you are playing on Playstation/Xbox

Steps to resolve it, if you are playing on PC

If you are a PC User, but you are not(!) using the SIM Dashboard PC Application
Open the Help Page of your Game and update the Game Configuration with the new Ip Address

I don't want to reconfigure each time the Ip Address changes

Sure, that makes sense. You just have to update your Router Configuration and tell the Router to always assign the same Ip Address to your Android Device and you are done.

The steps are different from Manufacturer to Manufacturer