Unlock Features (PRO Upgrade)

To unlock the full potential of the app and remove the free version limitations you can either purchase single packages or the full version in the app.


  • What do I get with the PRO Upgrade?
    The PRO Upgrade removes all free version limitations (only 3 widgets and only one page per game) and unlocks a bunch of other features. More Info

  • Can I use the PRO Upgrade on multiple Devices?
    YES, you can use the PRO Upgrade on all your Google Play devices, as well as on compatible Google Play devices that you purchase in the future. More Info

  • Are the available purchase options subscriptions? (do I have to pay monthly)
    NO, all purchases are one-time purchases. No hidden costs or periodic payments.

  • Where do I get the PRO Version Upgrade?
    You can upgrade to the PRO Version directly in the App. Instructions are below.

  • Do I have to pay for new supported games in the future?
    If you buy the full PRO version upgrade, Games that are supported by the App in the future can be used without additional payments.
    If you upgrade the PRO Version for a specific game, this upgrade does only unlock the corresponding game.

Steps to get the PRO Version

Open the menu

Open the menu with the three bars on the mainscreen. Right beside the game names you see the current status of the upgrades.

  1. means: Feature is purchased and active
  2. is not purchased and the functions of this game are currently limited

    Click on one of the non purchased games to open the In App Store.

  3. Alternatively click on the Upgrade to PRO Button at the end of the list, which does the same.


This dialog shows the available packages

  1. The full PRO Version is cheaper than unlocking each Game separately
  2. These are Packages to unlock specific Games and Features
  3. Either a price tag or a checkmark if you already own this item

Touch one of the Entries to open the Product Details

Product Details

On the Details Page you can see the Name and the Features of the selected Package

  1. Click on the shopping cart button to buy this item

The price of the Item is shown below the purchase button.