What can I do with the PRO Upgrade

I got the PRO Upgrade, now what can I do with it?

  • Add more than 3 Widgets to a screen
  • Add Multiwidgets to your Designs that count more than single Widgets
  • Use all built-in Templates
  • Download complex Designs with more than 3 Widgets from the Community
  • Add more than one Page per Game
    1. Enter the Edit Mode with the Pen Icon in the red upper bar
    2. Click on the red Plus Icon and then on Add an empty Page
    3. You are now on an empty Design where you can start from scratch or with a Template
    4. Click on the Check mark in the upper red bar to leave the edit mode
    5. You can now use your finger to swipe from left->right and right->left to switch between your two Designs
  • Assign a Button on your Wheel/Gamepad/Keyboard to switch between Pages
  • Activate the Option Tap to switch Pages in Settings->General to change between pages with a single finger tap on the left/right half of the screen
  • Choose the number of Pages to keep in Memory in Settings->Expert (if you have a low-end device you can reduce the default setting)
  • Rate the App on Google Play if you like it