Installation of the PC application

The pc application is required for the SIM Dashboard Android App and must be started while you are playing.
Please follow the steps in this tutorial carefully.


You should have downloaded the installation package of the application to your pc.

Please note
The application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 . On Windows 7 this must be installed manually!

If your anti virus application deletes the installer file automatically, read here

Install wizard

Start the install wizard by doubleclicking the installation package.

The shown interface should come up.

Select the installation path

Select the installation path for the application here.


Start the installation by clicking "Install".

User Account Control

If the Windows User Account Control (UAC) is active on your device and the shown window appears, you have to confirm the dialog with administrator rights.

Installation succeeded

By checking "Launch SIM Dashboard Server" the application will start automatically when the installation wizard finishes.

Application started

The application is started and is located in the Windows "system tray" right beside the clock. You can open the user interface of the application by clicking on its symbol.


If you have a firewall installed (Windows integrated or third party) a window will pop up and ask you to allow the SIM Dashboard application to communicate. This is absolutely required, otherwise your pc can't send data to your Android devices.

User interface

The user Interface contains three tabs. The startpage (Start), the Game Management (Games) and the Device Management (Devices).

The tab "Games" shows which games require configuration and lets you execute the required steps automatically depending on the game.

Within the "Devices" tab you see the paired Android devices. You can also remove them there.


You can open the settings of the application using the button in the window bar of the main window.

The following options can be set there:

  • Autostart of the application recommended
  • Search for updates on application startup recommended

The application can be minimized to the system tray using the X icon in the window bar. It stays active then.

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